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DCS is honored to be the East Liberty Chamber's 2020 Minority Owned Business of the Year Recipient.
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Danielle Davis, Ph.D.
Founder & President, Davis Consulting Solutions

Driven by a deep passion to play a leading role in community economic development, Dr. Davis has experience in planning, developing, and overseeing programs, procedures & policies to increase DBE participation in over $800 million in procurement, services, and construction processes. She leads DCS’ multi-generational talent management services which averages over 400 prospects per year that either improve their skills, overcome barriers, or access job opportunities. Dr. Davis helped leverage social capital to increase the capacity of the Choice Neighborhood Grant service network by 20% as part of a $62 million affordable housing and revitalization project. Her work has included corporate, governmental, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations, as well as extensive volunteer service. Dr. Davis, her team and the network of DCS Associates stand ready to help you achieve higher levels of performance and productivity.

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Vanessa Bartee
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Bartee provides administrative support to DCS. She has expertise in government relations. Previously, she worked in the Federal Government for 33 years, starting out in Customer Service and progressing through the ranks. In government service, she was responsible for responding to Congressional inquiries and handling Problem Resolution cases when proper channels were unable to resolve issues. She advanced to Department Manager, responsible for 9 supervisors with teams of 18-20 people per team. Ms. Bartee is a past president of AIM, The Association for Improvement of Minorities in the Internal Revenue Service, which assists employees with personal development, career advancement, and providing service to the community. She continues to enjoy volunteering in her community. She holds an Associate Degree in Specialized Business in Computer Management from ICM School of Business.

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Mallory Blonski
Workforce Outreach Specialist

Mallory is the Workforce Outreach Specialist at Davis Consulting Solutions. She is responsible for finding and coaching individuals who have an interest in and the skills for job placement with our clients for the Community2Work® program. Her role includes leading weekly onsite visits to DCS community partners, door-to-door outreach, job fairs, networking events and other outreach activities to ensure success. Mallory graduated from Penn State University with a double major in Psychology and Business Management. She has had multiple internships in human resources and nonprofit entrepreneurship and worked as a case manager for a housing program after graduating college. Mallory has always had a passion for helping others through volunteering, attending service trips, and her career.

Lamara Patrick

LaMara Patrick
Workforce Case-Management Coordinator

LaMara’s role is responsible for ensuring the effective communication, coordination and integration of job seekers in the DCS pipeline as they are prepared for client engagement, interaction and placement. She ensures that candidates identified for potential placement that have barriers, requiring extensive coaching to become “workforce ready”. Her previous roles of Title III Secretary, Transporter, Administrative Assistant, and Information Desk Clerk has positioned her to supply a clear plan of action(s) needed for the success of prospects. These roles included administrative duties and supportive services for real estate firms, Title III offices of a local community college, and information desk of Jefferson Regional Medical Center giving her the experience with vulnerable populations and handling confidential data. With a social work major in her previous studies at Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC), she brings her passion for empowering others to DCS.


Ron Hart
Professional Coach and Resume Expert

Mr. Hart has been in the business of crafting resumes for job seekers and providing overall job finding assistance since 2008. He draws on his background in sales management, marketing, and operations developed through a successful career in the steel industry. He has traveled extensively nationally and internationally in these roles. His current work includes supporting, encouraging, guiding, and challenging employment candidates. His expertise includes developing a personal marketing plan, networking, interviewing, choosing and using references, using LinkedIn, and understanding the role of independent recruiters. He uses his own information collecting processes and is guided by his definition of an “awesome resume,” derived from his vast experience. Mr. Hart holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Industrial Management) from Ohio University.

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Rebecca Musoba
Program Assistant

Rebecca is the Program Assistant for the business development programs within Davis Consulting Solutions. She is responsible for engaging and assessing individuals or contractors who have an interest in starting, growing, or stabilizing their business through the Small Business Programs, including the Connected program. Her experience and background lends to task-focused projects that are critical and allow for creative thinking. Rebecca has a Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Grand Canyon University, with experience in residential, corporate, and ministerial environments. She assists with bringing structure to work that is systematic and technical in nature. Rebecca has always enjoyed helping individuals and organizations establish a firm foundation and structure to their visions. Her planning skills, creativity, and innovative solutions help the DCS team and all of our clients reach their business goals.

Brandon Thompson

Brandon Thompson
Program and Project Coordinator

Brandon is the new Program and Project Coordinator that specializes in the managing, coordinating and overseeing of different activities related to planning, implementing, marketing and evaluating projects. He is an ambitious, multitasking go-getter able to thrive in the fast-paced environment and inspire our team members to keep them focused and running smoothly. He has a Bachelor’s in Economics and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia with experience in business and workforce development, information technology, as well as marketing and outreach. Brandon enjoys data visualization, machine learning, empowering youth, and working with underrepresented populations. His economic background and volunteer experience with project coordination and program management helps DCS and our clients monitor outcomes.

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