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DCS is honored to be the East Liberty Chamber's 2020 Minority Owned Business of the Year Recipient.

Community Outreach and Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities

At Davis Consulting Solutions (DCS), we are dedicated to promoting inclusiveness and empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve their career goals. As a leading disability employment services agency in Western Pennsylvania, our mission is to break down barriers and provide customized employment services for persons with disabilities, ensuring they have equal access to employment opportunities in the workforce.

Why Choose DCS as Your Employment Services Agency?

Expert Employment Specialists

At Davis Consulting Solutions, we have a team of highly skilled employment specialists who are committed to helping individuals with disabilities succeed in the job market. Our expertise lies in recognizing unique talents, strengths, and potential, allowing us to connect job seekers with employers who appreciate their diverse contributions. We help you focus on what you CAN do, not what you can’t do. 

Customized  Solutions for Inclusiveness 

Our employment services agency takes a customized approach to address the specific needs of persons with disabilities. Whether it’s job training, accommodations, or career counseling, we design customized strategies that support success and fulfillment in the workplace.

Inclusive Workplace Advocacy

We actively collaborate with businesses and organizations to promote inclusive workplaces. Our employment specialists work tirelessly to educate employers on the value of diversity and inclusiveness, promoting a welcoming environment for everyone. 

Emphasis on Job Retention

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond job placement. We offer ongoing support to ensure job retention and growth, empowering individuals with disabilities to thrive in their chosen careers.

Proven Track Record

With a history of successful placements and empowered individuals, Davis Consulting Solutions has become a trusted name in the disability employment sector. We are proud of the positive impact we’ve made on countless lives.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation to discuss your challenges and our proposed solutions.

How Our Employment Services Work

Needs Assessment

Our employment specialists conduct a comprehensive assessment of each individual’s abilities, interests, and career goals. This assessment forms the foundation for creating a customized employment plan.

Job Training and Skill Enhancement

We offer customized job training and skill enhancement programs that equip job seekers with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their chosen fields.

Accommodations Support

Davis Consulting Solutions advocates for reasonable workplace accommodations so that individuals with disabilities can perform at their best and feel comfortable in their work environment.

Job Placement Assistance

Our employment services agency actively connects job seekers with employers who prioritize inclusiveness and value diverse talent. We work to match the right candidates with the right positions.

Continuous Support

The journey does not end with job placement. We provide ongoing support to both job seekers and employers to support a smooth and successful transition into the workforce.

At Davis Consulting Solutions, we believe in empowering individuals with disabilities to unleash their full potential. Our employment specialists are committed to creating a world where diversity is celebrated, and every individual is given an equal opportunity to thrive. Join us on this transformative journey towards a more inclusive and accessible future.

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