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DCS is honored to be the East Liberty Chamber's 2020 Minority Owned Business of the Year Recipient.

Need help preparing for employment opportunities?

We are here to offer you an opportunity to get hired through the Community2Work® (C2W) program.

Employment Services

This inclusive community workforce program helps job seekers gain skills, connect to resources, and learn strategies to find a job and build a successful career.

  • Coaching
  • Job Matching
  • Direct Referrals
  • Interview Days
  • Networking
  • Case Management
  • Training
  • Job Fairs and Recruitment Events

Our target audience represents individuals who need the most help. The services are free of charge for qualified participants.

Let us get you into an employer’s pipeline such as UPMC by providing you with a clear plan of action to reduce barriers.

Crisis Help Available

The COVID 19 pandemic has left many hurting. Reach out to our Workforce Case Management Coordinator for help with resources during this trying time:

  • Assistance for food
  • Information on utility assistance and rent
  • Let us know your other needs
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C2W for Job Seekers

Our Community2Work program helps those starting a career, transferring into other fields, or improving their interviewing skills, and match them with a career path.

Our C2W team is looking for individuals who are ready to achieve higher levels of performance, boost their productivity and find stable career opportunities. C2W seeks candidates for various careers such as customer service, administrative assistance, retail sales/clerk, intake coordination, environmental services, and more.

Services are FREE of charge for qualified candidates and on a sliding scale for others. This program is designed to quickly move individuals from at-need to work-ready. Dedicated job seekers can complete the program in four weeks. Job seekers attend training and participate in coaching and recruitment/job readiness events which meet their needs.

This program is designed for recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and other low-income individuals. In order to qualify for the program, participants must meet the following requirements:

• 18 years of age or have a work permit
• Legally permitted to work in the U.S.
• Resident of the Greater Pittsburgh Region
• TANF recipient or meets government definition of “low-income”
• High School Diploma or GED recipient

We encourage the inquiry to this program, even if the individual is uncertain about meeting qualifications. Participants are selected on a case-by-case basis. We have connections with other community resources to help individuals find the best resource for their needs.

Participants begin with a one-on-one information session to determine job readiness. We make training recommendations based on the information collected during this meeting. Program activities, workshops, coaching and training components are designed to ensure candidates have adequate employment skills. Professional resume writing support helps candidates highlight talents, skills, and work experience before they enter the job application process. Our network of partner employers offer leads to open positions which participants qualify for.

Full participation is recommended for successful results.

• Professional Development
• Resume Preparation and Personal Marketing
• Interviewing
• What You Need to Know About Applying

See What Job Seekers Say

“Anyone looking for a job and seriously looking, I would absolutely suggest reaching out to you and your Community2Work Program associates. Programs like yours are what folks who may have had an issue or not completed college need for the right step towards succeeding.”

M.J., UPMC Health Care Concierge

Quick start 

If you know you qualify, have completed your inquiry form, and do not have a resume let’s jump start your success. Complete the Resume Worksheet Form below.  A DCS team member will be in touch shortly and assist you in highlighting your talents, skills, and work experience.

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