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DCS is honored to be the East Liberty Chamber's 2020 Minority Owned Business of the Year Recipient.

DCS can partner with organizations looking to engage diverse communities and provide educational sessions for urban planning and economic opportunities.

“…business climate speaks to the social capital of the community, the ability of the public and private sectors to work together.”

—Ron Shaffer, Steve Deller & Dave Marcouiller (2006)

We provide consultation, guidance and planning for these types of engagements to drive collective success.

An innovative approach to this is by using a Community Economic Development (CED) framework..

CED combines community and economic development to solve neighbor problems. Consequently, we aim to play a role in the development of the region’s economy and its communities through the development of programs, events, and direct service delivery.

DCS has a highly motivated, capable and experienced team with specific strategies to develop action plans that educate and strengthen the communities as a fundamental part of our business.

Our team incorporates CED and next generation practices to help you embrace the ever-changing trends and challenges. We design plans and processes that impedes executing your vision. As your partner, DCS hosts events and recruit, place, and train select community members for employment or contracting opportunities. The impact is an overall uplifting of communities where these new or experienced individuals or business owners live and work.

Learn more about Dr. Danielle Davis, our CEO, and her work.

Some of our current contracts are real life examples of how DCS works.

Our team continues to pursue engagement in other areas and regions as well as embrace new and diverse relationships. We have well-tested reporting and measuring tools that each month show how we are doing collectively. Be assured there is great satisfaction when goals, targets, and milestones are exceeded on a regular basis.

Your organization can benefit from similar scenarios: a well-conceived and well-managed program that fits. Sustainability is a key as this means a long lasting and more permanent relationships between clients and vendors and the real people with families who are at work and touched deeply by all this.

Educating and Strengthening Communities

Contact us today for a free initial consultation to discuss your challenges and our proposed solutions.

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