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DCS is honored to be the East Liberty Chamber's 2020 Minority Owned Business of the Year Recipient.

DCS can help you make an impact, assess management structures and strengthen leadership practices.

“A business made of people, strategy, business processes, technology, and expertise requires purpose, careful design, management, and maintenance.”

—John Harpst (2008)

Our team at DCS believes that it is our role to serve as your partner by empowering you with the skills, tools, and resources for strategic decision-making to help you lead. Just complete the inquiry form to get you started.

There are solutions and next generation practices to align your business strategy with the right talent, address management challenges, and strengthen diversity initiatives. Our solutions can help you with managing the triple-bottom line. We know that it has its challenges so we offer coaching, consulting, training, and events to let you focus on what really matters.

We believe in your vision to create jobs, generate income, invest in communities, and pursue opportunities.

Our team and experts understand the importance of engaging the right consultants to help your projects run smoother. Let us help you maintain your position as a “Next Generation” business by empowering you to engage the right talent or build your current team. Our business solutions focus on professional, administrative, and management functions such as:

  • Access to capital and resource management
  • Business planning and technical assistance
  • Diverse business utilization and contracting
  • Human resources and talent management
  • Marketing and Community Engagement
  • Strategic and Change Management

Contact us today for a free initial consultation to discuss your challenges and our proposed solutions.

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