Presenting and Public Speaking: Working with others, providing administrative services, organizing, and marketing are the top four skill areas for Davis and many of our associates, so it is easy to understand why choosing this career satisfies the joy of entertaining or communicating through presentations and/or public speaking. This passion is driven by a strong desire to influence and/or find balance with the thoughts and opinions of others, and is most often fulfilled through participation in campaigns as well as meetings and conferences. 

Socializing with people comes naturally - so why would we not love to work with others? Enjoyment can be found in working with the public; capitalizing on the natural ease in meeting people and making them feel welcome. 

In the clerical category, we have mastered the most efficient methods of running the day-to-day operations of an office.  This includes accurate record keeping, filing, word processing, copying, knowledge of office procedures, basic math skills, clear communications, knowledge of telephone systems, and proficiency in the use of office machines, including computers. Additional key skills are attention to detail, neatness, speed, and organizational abilities.

Another key skill is the ability to assemble, store, and retrieve information, data, and items in a systematic fashion. You naturally understand that to maximize efficiency you must maintain information and details accurately and in good order. Sometimes it is crucial to be methodical, neat, and systematic in your approach to a task. Planning, prioritizing, goal setting, performing routine tasks, and quality control are activities that don’t come naturally to everyone. Nor does everyone have a natural ability to identify the needs of customers and persuade them to use your products or services to meet that need. DCS can help! With superior communication and interpersonal skills, let us help show you how to balance a strong goal orientation with genuine concern for the customer. Persuading others goes beyond just needing confidence to withstand rejection; it also requires entrepreneurial abilities. Let us help you.