•    Training and Development: DCS provides professional services related to training and development, which enable individuals and businesses to achieve sustainability through a coordination of services, products, and connections.

•    Coaching: Over 20 years of administrative and business experience enables DCS to help individuals, groups, and organizations develop a systematic plan for reaching stated objectives.

•    Consulting: Over 10 years of marketing and advertising experience enables DCS to offer proven strategies and resources to increase your strategic influence in personal and business relationships.
•    Connections: Over 15 years of experience providing community services to  the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding communities in Western Pennsylvania gives DCS direct access to valuable contacts and resources in areas of social assistance and workforce and business development.

•    Community: Over 20 years of research, advocacy, volunteerism, and work experience related to the well-being of humans, the deterioration of the environment’s natural resources, and decline in access to affordable education helps us understand the needs of our community.