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Small Business, Corporate, and Professional Consulting and Training: Over 20 years of administrative and business background enables DCS to provide the guidance you need to help meet your objectives, whether your business is large or small. In addition, DCS has over 10 years’ marketing and advertising experience.  We are confident our consulting services can not only help you develop a customized strategy to follow as you pursue your goals, but also strategies to help sustain your success.  You can request assistance in operating advice and marketing issues such as sales forecasting, pricing, marketing and strategic planning. If that is not what you are looking for, through our Development Training services, DCS offers an array of workshops and seminars for management and professional development. As you can see, we offer professional training customized to meet your specific needs as well as organizational development consulting services. Original video provided by William Coleman for The Vernard Alexander Project and edited by Terry Millar of Y2K Productions. Interview by Quincy Stephenson.



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