Danielle Davis

Danielle Davis, also known as MsDavisofPgh, offers a business day interpretation of the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

She has a diverse combination of relevant experience: 15 years of administration coupled with 20 years of business and human service as consultant, educator, trainer and entrepreneur; 5 years of service with the Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (M/W/DBE) Governmental Committee which creates effective methods that increase and strengthen economic opportunities. For Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh (HACP) she lead and supported diversity initiatives, trainings, and planning for minority, women, and disadvantaged businesses, as well as, faith-based organizations to encourage and increase participation in contracting, Section 3 opportunities, procurement and community development.

Her specialty is in government and diversity initiatives, leadership, workforce development and entrepreneur education. She served on several boards and committees such as the Regional Legal Housing Service Section 3 Advisory Board and later the Implementation Working Team regarding the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant (CNI) for East Liberty/Larimer communities where $62 million was leveraged for community development. As MBE WBE Compliance Specialist with HACP she monitored, tracked, and incorporated processes for procurement contracts totaling $800 million. The design and implementation of HACP’s “Engaging Faith-Based Organization in Community Development” Strategic Plan increased engagement of FBOs by 75% and the capacity of CNI’s Service Coordination Network potential by 20%. Danielle is currently a Ph.D. Student in Community Engagement at Point Park University following a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College. With a Bachelor’s degree in Community Ministry, she is focused on strengthening the community and economic development opportunities. As a licensed and ordained minister, Danielle is expressive in her passion for enhancing talented and skilled leaders all across the globe.

Davis anticipates becoming one of the leading experts in economic and leadership development. She has in-depth knowledge in creating programs and projects to benefit nonprofit and for-profit establishments. Her other skills includes: program creation, project management, accounting, marketing, media, and community involvement. Davis is looking forward to building a culture of enthusiastic leaders who will, financially, rejuvenate “OUR" communities. To learn more you may contact us at Info@DavisConsultSolutions.com to schedule a meeting, discuss training possibilities, or book for speaking engagements.